Staci PurPose Kirk

Welcome to PreciselyPurPose!

PreciselyPurPose is a collection of media outlets including this website demonstrating the work, art, and expressions of Staci PurPose Kirk.  A Coach, Leader and Women's Advocate; she walks in her purpose... precisely!

Affectionately known as PurPose, she is a powerhouse behind the microphone, computer screen or pages of a book!  Her desire to uplift women and guide them to a purposeful life has elevated her to what many may be thought of as unseen heights. We are glad you are here! 


Staci PurPose Kirk

Group Coaching 

These sessions are for women who want to come together to learn more about themselves and their businesses all while gaining new contacts and networking!

Personal Coaching Services

Coach PurPose is available to serve as your personal coach for life and business. Ever wonder why you haven't quite made it to exactly where you want to be?  It's possible that it's because you've been doing it on your own.  Let Coach help!

Business and Social Media Consulting

Mastering the art of marketing, social media, business operations, etc., is no easy task.  It is, however, what will make the difference between a good year and a million-dollar year! Let LOP guide you !